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Workplace Vehicle Policy

Do your employees know what your vehicle policy is? Share it with them and get confirmation they have read and understood it.

Activating the Workplace Vehicle Policy feature enables you to upload to Ambit the latest version of your policy. This is then automatically sent to all employees you have loaded onto the App for them to download, read and confirm that they have understood it. You are notified of employees who have not completed this so following up with them, if needed is simple. In fact, Ambit will proactively do the chasing for you. If you add a new employee they are automatically included so no extra work for you!

Vehicle Safety Check

Generate simple surveys to ensure your employees are periodically health checking their vehicles.

Are the vehicles your employees are driving fit to be on the road? Do they have road-legal tyres? Are their headlights and windscreens safe? By regularly checking their vehicles, your employees can make sure that their vehicles are safe to drive and you can be alerted to any issues. The short survey is sent to your employees on a frequency you set to help give you peace of mind that when they are driving for your organisation their vehicle is fit to be on the road.

Driver Insurance

You probably have insurance for your company vehicles, but do your employees have the right cover to drive their own vehicles for work?

Employees are often unaware that if they are driving their own vehicles for work that they need to include Business Use on their insurance policy. Without the right policy their insurance cover can reduce from comprehensive to third party in an incident. Business Use doesn’t add much cost but it does cover your employees and you from unnecessary risk. Use this simple tool to make employees aware of the requirement and easily obtain copies to prove.

Driving Licence Check

Make sure your employees have a valid licence to drive for your organisation with our FREE service.

Having a driving licence check when a new starter joins your organisation isn’t enough. Driving licences of anyone who drives for your organisation should be carried out on at least an annual basis and you should know drivers who are higher risk to help you manage the risk properly. To get you going, we are offering FREE driving licence checks for all employees you add to the App – ensuring your employees have a valid licence and letting you know of any penalty points they have.

Partner Network

Connect with our selected Partner Network for the services, products and expertise you need to run workplace vehicles.

It’s great to know that you have a way to improve the safety and compliance of your workplace vehicles but where do you go next? As part of our Partner Network, the partners in our MarketPlace have been carefully selected to provide the products and services you need to run things safely. Our Ambit Ambassadors offer expertise and resources, in the fields they are leaders in, when you need a little extra help to be compliant.

Ambit Globe

Keep up to date with the latest news and information you need to run workplace vehicles safely.

Through the App you can access the latest news that you need to know, changes to legislation you need to be aware of and topics you can share with your employees to help things run more smoothly. We provide useful guides to running safer vehicles, seasonal tips and a rolling programme of competitions that your employees can enter. Our Partner Network is also here to share their expertise with you using the specialist knowledge they have in their respective fields. There are also some lighter posts which we think you might like too.

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