Ambit makes tracking company drivers a breeze

Compliance is just a few taps away

Ambit is designed to make workplace driving and vehicle compliance as easy as possible. Designed for companies with a grey fleet, tracking company drivers can be tricky. But, with everything from information to tools right at your fingertips, staying compliant is just a few taps away.

Once up and running, Ambit takes away the administration and chasing you would otherwise need to do to keep on top of things. However, if you have a lot of employees or other drivers, the initial set up could be time-consuming if you had to do it yourself. That is why Ambit offer to do this hard work for you with a bulk upload to get you started. Simply send over some details and the Ambit team will have your account ready to go in just two working days.

We’ll need:

  • Driver’s first name and surname
  • Driver’s email address
  • Vehicle registration

In addition, you can record a driver without a vehicle as well as a vehicle without a driver. If the driver and vehicle are listed on the same line, they are paired together. Alternatively, you can easily access and manage drivers and vehicles separately.

Ready to be compliant? Get started by sending the above information in a spreadsheet to