Best UK road trips

Our small country has it all

The UK may be small as far as countries go, but the versatility on this small island is astounding. In addition to the multitude of historic sites and icons, there are also loads that Mother Nature has to offer. In fact, the country has a total of 200,000 miles of roads to explore.

Medieval England

Want to combine history and views? This short and sweet road begins in Glastonbury and touches on the town’s roots to King Arthur. Heading up Wells Road and Old Bristol Road, you’ll be delighted with quintessential English icons including cottages, ancient hedgerows, and churches. Finally, you’ll end at Cheddar Gorge where you’re just 274 steps from the scenic cliff walk.

Going all the way

From the Scilly Isles to the Scottish Islands, there is one road trip that is truly the ultimate. Complete with 26 stops (and a bonus 27th), this route from Hand Luggage Only truly celebrates the beauty of the UK. Here are some notable points of interest (although all 27 are incredible):

  • Stonehenge
  • Roman history in Bath
  • White Cliffs of Dover
  • Angel of the North in Newcastle
  • A single roadway

    Known for its beautiful scenery, the A82 in Scotland is perhaps the most exquisite drive in the entire country. It takes you through the Glencoe Valley with no shortage of views. The road includes everything from mountains to waterfalls.

    The long and windy road

    This list wouldn’t be complete without a journey through Northern Ireland. Following the coast, this road trip 121 miles from Belfast to Londonderry. It features the Giant’s Causeway and is the perfect journey for those who want to get away. Plan some stops along the way to make it a multi-day trip to get the most out of the sites.

    DIY road trip

    Perhaps none of these compilations truly captures everything you want. In that case, we suggest creating your own road trip. Make sure you include all the top locations. By doing it yourself, you can choose the duration as well as the distance. You can even customise your journey to stop off and see friends along the way.

    But, before setting off, it’s imperative to check your vehicle. Ambit makes it easy for employers and their drivers to understand their vehicles. Keeping on top of things will also help drivers on their journeys outside of workplace driving.

    Have a favourite route through the UK? Share it with us to make our list!