How to make sure your car passes MOT

Follow this list to keep your vehicle in check

Now that the new MOT changes are in place, there’s no better time to be sure your vehicle is roadworthy. While you may know a guy who knows a guy who will pass your vehicle, keeping your car legal and compliant will also keep you safe.

Here’s a recap of what your MOT will include and how to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Tyres and wheels

There are a lot of features of your tyres and wheels to be checked including the condition, size, and tread depth (which you can easily check!)


Tested on a roller brake tester, the brakes must be effective in bringing the vehicle to a stop.


The mirrors must be free of damage along with providing a clear view of your vehicle. They will check both side mirrors and your rear view mirror.


Each door must open and close without issue. The two front doors must be able to open and close from the inside and outside.


The checkers will be looking for corrosion or damage. In fact, any sharp edge can cause your vehicle to fail the MOT.


The exhaust emissions have to be within the specified guidelines. Likewise, the exhaust must be complete and secure as well as not too loud.

Fuel system

Your fuel system must be free from any leaks and the fuel cap must be able to fasten and seal.


The two front seats are checked for security.


Every single seat belt in the vehicle is checked for the type, condition, operation, and security.


The checker will press your horn to make sure it works effectively without any issues.


It must be free from chips or cracks over a certain size. Within the driver’s eye line, they must not exceed 10mm. Outside your eye line, they can be up to 40mm.

Wipers / washer bottle

The hand control in your vehicle must work for both the wipers and the wash fluid. Their ability to clear your windscreen will be tested.

Steering / suspension

Both are checked fully to ensure the driver has full control.


In addition to the lights working properly, the checker will also be looking at the colour of the lights as well as the aim of the headlamps.

Registration plate

They’ll be looking to see if the letters and numbers are fully legible and clear with the correct spacing. To be sure it’s compliant, stick to a reputable manufacturer and store.

Vehicle identification number

The VIN must be on display and legible. It’s a unique serial number for your vehicle but its location is different on different models.

Would your vehicle pass an MOT right now? Do you have any tips to help our readers pass their MOT?