Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do at work

Yet many organisations don’t know their responsibilities. Need some help?
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Workplace driving compliance isn’t just about company vehicles

Even in their own vehicles you have a responsibility for those who are driving for work
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Ambit: Simplifying Workplace Driving

One in three of all annual road deaths involves somebody driving for work. Driving is the most dangerous work activity we do according to the Health & Safety Executive
Anyone driving a company, rental, pool, or even their own vehicle whilst on work time, is at risk. It’s not only field-based staff, such as sales.
Do your staff attend training, go to events or off-site meetings, do a bank run, visit another office or run errands?
This is all classed as workplace driving.

Health and Safety laws are far- reaching. You probably provide training on how to lift boxes, adjust office seating or what to do in a fire.
Do you check or train your staff on the impact of driving for work?
If not then you are may not fulfilling your duty of care according to the Health & Safety Executive legislation. You may be neglecting your legal responsibilities in this area of Health & Safety because you do not know exactly what they are.
And what about your financial and moral obligations?
Ignoring these is a significant risk to your business and employees.
The Health & Safety Act, Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act makes senior managers and organisations accountable. Any negligence could result in; unlimited fines, prison sentences or imposed publicity and remedial actions orders.
Is your management of workplace driving a prison sentence waiting to happen?
Ambit can manage this risk for you and help you to stay compliant.
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