Ambit - About Us, The World's Safest Driving Community

Creating the world’s safest driving community

Ambit is a community platform for anyone responsible for workplace driving. It is designed to help you be compliant with the legal and moral obligations that your organisation has to its employees when they are driving for work. We have discovered that many organisations simply don’t know what their obligations are or how to deal with them.

We believe that everyone wants to make sure their employees are looked after, so we have created the Ambit App. The Ambit App gives you the information, tools and partners to help you ensure your employees are safe on the road. Latest news, tips and articles give you the insights you need to keep on top of the key areas of workplace driving. The tools within the Ambit App provide a range of features to help manage your workplace vehicle policy, driver insurance, vehicle safety checks and when you upload your employees we’ll even run a free driving licence check for you.

Ambit’s Heritage

Ambit is a very latest generation application, but is part of a company which is one of the leading fleet industry solution providers. The company, Ebbon-Dacs has been established since 2000 and has grown into a sector leader in business to business cloud based solutions. Ebbon-Dacs are a provider to many of the world’s largest fleet vehicle providers and partner with some of the best brands in the sector to ensure great customer solutions.

Strength in Numbers

The Ambit App is always developing and new features are regularly added. With a team of over 70 working behind the scenes, Ambit has the speed and innovation of the freshest startup, but with the depth of an extremely experienced team who have dedicated their careers to customer and technical excellence with the vehicle management industry

Protecting your Security

With IT and Data security managed by the ISO27001 accredited parent company, your driver and organisation data couldn’t be safer. Regularly tested and approved by the largest finance institutions in the vehicle leasing industry, the protection of your data is at the core of our service.

How we Process Your Data

Ambit Technology takes the privacy of customer data seriously. Ambit Technology is a “data processor” as defined by both the Data Protection Act and GDPR and all data is held in EU data centres. Processes in Ambit are always under your control and some processes may require the transmission of data to a third party. Data is retained within Ambit to provide our customers with a historical record.

Partner Network

Ambit’s Partner Network brings specialist expertise in a range of fields promoting the safety of employees on the road for work. Our Partners offer the Products and Services which you’ll need as well as their expert knowledge to help promote workplace driving safety.