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Our enhanced packages offer
more support for your organisation

At Ambit, we understand that road safety and compliance is a top priority for our customers, that is why we continually strive to make it as easy as possible for organisations to keep their employees safe on the road.

We also know that no two businesses are the same, and depending on the size and characteristics of your workplace, you may require additional support in certain areas.

Ambit Lite helps you self-manage your compliance with shareable tips, information and a secure place to keep your driver/vehicle information.

The full Ambit package adds to Ambit Lite, with everything you need for a compliance solution that does most of the work for you. It includes automated processes along with automated checks, following up with your drivers and making sure it is driving your compliance every day of the year.

For a full driver safety solution there’s Ambit More. This enhanced package comes with all of the much-loved features of the standard Ambit app, but with some great additional products and services from the best suppliers in driver safety included – a solution for those looking for a little extra.

Company policy support
Our ongoing support ensures your policy is up-to-date.
Risk assesments
Accredited annual risk assesments for all your drivers.
Driver training
Benefit from driver training tailored to your organisation.
Driver safety kit
Safety equipment for you to distribute to your employees including tyre service kit and hi-vis vest.

Let’s take a closer look

To help you decide which level of Ambit is right for your organisation,
we’ve created this handy little comparison table.

Unlimited employees & vehicles
Custom Tags
Notes and reminders
Compliance news & articles
Shareable content
Workplace vehicle policy
Partner network
Driver insurance checks
Quarterly licence checks
Vehicle safety checks
Employee data uploads
MOT reminder*
Vehicle tax reminder*
Workplace vehicle policy review
Driver risk assessment
Driver training
Driver safety kit

Payment options


Monthly or Annual

Monthly or Annual

*Coming Autumn 2018

Pricing structure

Ambit Lite is a FREE App for unlimited employees and vehicles – you can add as many vehicles and employees as you like and take advantage of all of the FREE features. To upgrade to Ambit or Ambit More, pricing is based on the number of employees you have on the App.

The more employees you load the less it costs per employee. Ambit and Ambit More allows you up to 10 employees as standard. You can then add further employees by purchasing packs of 10, 50 or 100 licences.

Which means it is costing you less than 6p per day to keep your employees compliant whilst driving for work

Number of Employees Packs Monthly Price Cost per employee per month**
Up to 10 Ambit £18 £1.80
Additional 10 Ambit +10 £17 £1.75
Additional 50 Ambit +50 £80 £1.60
Additional 100 Ambit +100 £150 £1.50
Number of Employees Packs Monthly Price Cost per employee per month**
Up to 10 Ambit More £49 £4.90
Additional 10 Ambit More +10 £48 £4.85
Additional 50 Ambit More +50 £220 £4.40
Additional 100 Ambit More +100 £415 £4.15
**Illustrative per employee price

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