Driver Insurance

Even if they drive their own vehicles, each employee, contractor, and volunteer must all have proper cover in order to drive for work.

What you need to know

Those who drive for work are often unaware that they need to include business use on their insurance policy if they are driving their own vehicles for work. Without the right policy, their insurance cover can reduce from comprehensive to just 3rd party in the event of an incident or collision. Business use doesn’t add much cost but it does protect your employees, volunteers, and contractors as well as the company from unnecessary risk.

Within the app, drivers are required to provide copies of their insurance, whether it’s business use or occasional business use. As a result, this simple tool ensures those who drive for work are aware of the requirement. And, it helps the company comply with their duty of care obligations.

Did you know ?

There are multiple types of business cover for car insurance. Make sure your employees have the right one.

For further information on the different kinds of business insurance cover check out our news article

Keeping track of your employees who drive for work is easy.
the employee to the app (or ask us to do it for you) and activate the insurance feature.

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