Driving Licence Check

Make sure your employees have a valid licence to drive for your organisation

What you need to know

Simply checking a driving licence for someone who drives for work isn’t enough. Driving licences of anyone who drives for your organisation should be carried out on at least an annual basis, although more frequently is recommended. Driving for work can include commuting, driving to a company event, training course, or a client meeting. It even involves car sharing. Drivers who are a higher risk may require additional planning and management. Performing driving a licence check helps you determine if your the driver has a valid licence for their vehicle or any penalty points. It will also show what kind of vehicles they are allowed to drive, for example if they only hold a licence for automatic vehicles.

Did you know ?

Companies should perform regular checks as endorsements, driver bans, and the like are not supplied to them automatically.

This reduces the risk of dangerous situations arising without the company being aware

Giving your company peace of mind, this feature aligns with the drivers added in the app to provide prompt notifications. Requests and reminders are sent automatically, so you’ll be sent alerts when anything requires your attention.

Ready to start checking? Get in touch today and we can run an initial round of licence checks for you as part of a 30 day free trial.