3 Things to Know If Your Staff Drive at Work

Their driving can have consequences for you

Did you know that if your staff drive for work you can be fined or jailed for how your employees drive – even if they use their own cars?

This is one of the biggest risks a growing business faces. While it can be difficult to keep on top of what you should be doing and what you need to know, we’re making it easy to ensure that your people driving for your business are safe on the road.

In addition, your employees also have responsibilities to meet to help you meet your duty of care obligations if they drive for work. You can help your employees be compliant and reduce their risk on the road by providing clear guidelines and supporting materials.

To make it easier, check out our recent webinar with our partners, HR Grapevine. Here is some key information we covered:

1) The responsibilities you have when it comes to employees driving for work purposes – even if it’s with their own cars

2) What drivers need to know and how you can inform them

3) Staying ahead of legislation and compliance.

You can watch the Webinar in full: