7 Best Gadgets to Enhance Your Vehicle

Upgrade your driving experience.

Having the latest model of your favourite vehicle will always make you enjoy your commute. However, there are more affordable ways to upgrade your wheels without breaking the bank. Check out our list of innovative gadgets for your vehicle:

RearVision Back Up Camera

enhance your vehicle

If you have an older vehicle, have no fear. With the RearVision Back Up Camera, any car can transform into an intelligent one. Installing just above your number plate, this device communicates with your smartphone and gives you a live-view of what’s behind you.
Price: £381.91

ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

enhance your vehicle

We’re all about safety and anything that makes it easier. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor tracks the health of each of your tires and gives you real-time updates right on your smartphone. It can even tell you the exact PSI so you can make adjustments while on the go.
Price: £75.62

SlotPack Front Seat Car Organizer

enhance your vehicle

The SlotPack Front Seat Car Organizer has a place for everything from your snacks to your umbrella. The waterproof design puts everything within reach right on your passenger’s seat. It secures in place with the seatbelt so you can be sure nothing will topple over.
Price: £84

Inflatable Car Mattress

enhance your vehicle

Studies show that sleep deprivation is responsible for a quarter of all crashes [http://www.brake.org.uk/involved/13-organisations/1655-stay-sharp-octo-telematics]. Stay sharp on even the longest of journeys and catch up on some sleep right inside your car. The Car Mattress is designed for vehicles and it inflates in just moments with the included 12V pump.
Price: £76.37

BlackVue DR650-1CH Dash Camera Bundle

enhance your vehicle

Our pals at Dash Witness offer this must-have BlackVue DR650-1CH Dash Camera Bundle. Thanks to the internet, it’s clear that just about anything can happen while you’re driving. Capture all the action in reviewable content with the ultra crisp 1080p resolution (and opt for the professional installation).
Price: £219.99

Dyson V6 Car & Boat Handheld Vacuum

enhance your vehicle

The Dyson V6 Car & Boat Handheld Vacuum can power through any mess in your vehicle. With 20 minutes of suction time, 15 cyclones, and a digital motor, keep your car clean is a cinch. Thanks to the compact size, you can access even the hardest to reach places.
Price: £229.99

TriboTEX Nanoparticles for Vehicle Enhancement

enhance your vehicle

The TriboTEX Nanoparticles are injected right into your engine and actually reverse signs of wear. It increases your fuel economy by up to 8%, lowers engine noise, and adds 3% more power. It gets to work in just 15 minutes and lasts months. Sign us up!
Price: £57.29

Not sure about you, but these products have us lusting after a road trip. Did we leave any of your must-haves off the list? Let us know below!