Ambit supports Brake Round Table

Workplace Vehicles in SMEs

SME companies are some of the hardest hit by regulations and safety issues. By maintaining and enforcing a vehicle safety policy, SMEs can help protect themselves against the financial, reputational, legal and human cost of road crashes.

The cost to employers of at-work road crashes is estimated to be more than £2.7b a year in the UK. Investing in risk management therefore makes sound financial sense for all organisations – particularly SMEs, which have tighter budgets and profit margins.

We believe that fleet managers in SMEs play a vital role in changing driver attitudes to raise fleet safety awareness. That’s why Ambit is supporting a roundtable event to discuss the ways that SMEs can lower the risk of road traffic incidents for their drivers.

We are also shortly launching a White Paper to help SMEs know more about how to manage privately-owned vehicles used for work…more to follow on this soon!