Driving your EV this Winter

POD Point share their thoughts...

So here we are again….it’s snowing!!

Great for snowmen, sledging and snow days at home but how does an Electric Vehicle handle the added pressures of the cold weather?

Our partner POD Point share their thoughts:

While winter road conditions do have a negative impact on efficiency (e.g. slipping wheels, added resistance and driving through rain etc), the more significant issue is the need for heating.

Heating adds to the energy consumption of a static EV. You’ll note at times of peak heating that even if your car is stationary it uses a little bit of power, as if you were making it creep along.

Pre-heating while plugged into a Pod Point will not reduce the range of the vehicle, but it will increase electricity consumption from the supply. However, when not charging, heating your EV will impact range. The higher the difference between the background temperature and the desired temperature in the car, the greater the energy requirement. This is true for both heating and cooling, but since this author lives in the UK, he’s seen more energy requirement from heating than from cooling!

Another way of thinking about it: the market with the most dominant electric vehicle uptake (with 48% of new cars sold in October 2017 having a plug socket) is Norway. Believe us, the Norwegians are making very good use of their EV heaters!