Free Driving License Checks on the Ambit App

Do you know how many points you have?

Are you eligible to drive for work? Of course, having a valid UK driving license is the #1 requirement if you have to drive for work. However, for some employers, the number of points you have can be a deal breaker.

Now, as a driver, you could supply your employer with the necessary details totally manually. For employers and employees alike, this can be an absolute nightmare. Alas, it’s a necessary part of the onboarding process for those who drive for work.

Or, you can sign up for the Ambit app. Within the app, we offer free driving license checks for employees within an organisation. Simply sign up at, fill in your details, and Ambit will take care of the rest.

Driving Licence Check Screenshots

With this, employers can ensure each of the drivers loaded on the app has a valid UK license and even see the number of points each driver has. The information is completely protected and sent only to the primary user via secure email. To help you, we’ll even load your employees onto Ambit for you. You can find out more here:

Free Driving License Checks on the Ambit App

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