How often should you check your employees’ driving licences?

These checks can help your organisation

We all understand that our licences carry information about our driving record. As such, a licence check in the UK can reveal any current points and disqualifications.

In addition to this, a licence check can give examples of what types of vehicles someone is able to drive. This is particularly important for organisations whose employees drive for work, even if they drive their own vehicles.

However, a simple licence check at the start of employment isn’t enough if anyone representing your organisation is driving for work. Any trip during work hours, whether it be to the bank or to see a client, is under the umbrella for driving for work. As a result, your organisation is responsible for this driving.

It’s not enough to depend on employees to disclose when they have received points or disqualifications. This is especially true if the additional points could put aspects of the employee’s job at risk.

Instead, the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV) recommends checking the licence of employees who drive and have over 9 points as often as once a month. While this can seem excessive, the ADLV has good reason for their recommendation.

These high-risk drivers could put the organisation at incredible risk. In the event of a collision, the company could be held responsible and experience reputational damage. And, with driving offences really racking up the points – using a mobile phone, for example, could cost a driver six points – becoming ineligible to drive is all too easy.

Of course, more routine checks are only for those with so many points. The ADLV actually recommends a scaled response for licence check frequency:

  • 0-3 points: normal risk profile – bi-annually
  • 4-7 points: medium risk – quarterly
  • 8+ points: monthly

Luckily licence checks online give you all the information you need. This can be done directly with the DVLA but, if you have a lot of drivers, this becomes time-consuming and difficult to track. Ambit allows you to set up the process automatically as well as set the frequency level and send automatic checks and reminders. Here’s how it works:

Free Driving License Checks on the Ambit App

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