Insuring your Risk

Do your employees have the right cover?

One in three road collisions in the UK involves somebody who is driving for work.

In a company vehicle – whether a car or a van – this risk is usually covered by your company vehicle insurance policy. However, there are more than three times as many people in the UK driving their own vehicles for work than there are company vehicle drivers.

Many of these employees may be unaware that they should ensure that they have Business Use as part of their insurance policy to protect them should the worse happen when they are driving for your organisation. Without the right cover, insurance cover can be invalidated and downgraded from comprehensive to third-party. This could incur unexpected costs to your employees as well as potentially to your organisation.

Make sure that, if you have employees driving their own vehicles for work, they have the right cover. Activate the “Driver Insurance” feature within the Ambit App to ask for a copy of their insurance document showing that the right cover is in place.