Making it Clear

Top Windscreen Tips

We all like to keep our vehicles clean – whether we are driving our own car or a van for work, the appearance of that vehicle on the road sends a message to other road users about us and the workplaces we represent.

The windscreen though can often be overlooked. Although it generally does, the windscreen isn’t just there to keep the rain out. Here are our top four tips for making sure that

  • Make sure that the windscreen – outside and inside – are regularly cleaned. Insects and dirt on the outside can cause obstructions in vision. Inside the vehicle, driving on dusty roads, pets and others over time can lead to a build up of grime.
  • Check the condition of the windscreen for any chips or cracks. As well as keeping the elements at bay, the windscreen is an integral part of the vehicle’s structure. Chips and cracks in the wrong places could lead to MOT failure as well as be dangerous whilst driving
  • Keep your screen wash topped up regularly and include a good quality screen wash additive. A clean screen is no use if we can’t keep it clean. Running out of washer fluid – in any weather condition – can be dangerous as without it cleaning the screen is much harder
  • Check your wiper blades regularly – it is recommended to replace them annually. Windscreen wipers which leave rain streaks, make a noise or shake when in use should be replaced as soon as is possible

Different conditions at different times of the year can have different effects on visibility through our windscreens. In Winter this could be low sun glare, frost and rain. In the Summer, bright sun, insects and dust are more likely to cause obstruction. Whatever the time of year, the message is the same…make sure you keep your windscreen clear!