Manage your Business Driving Policy & Guidance

How Ambit can help

Activating the Workplace Vehicle Policy feature enables you to upload to Ambit the latest version of your policy. If you don’t have a policy then Ambit can provide you with a template document created with IAM RoadSmart for you to use as a basis to build upon.

It is good practice to involve your employees in the final version of the Business Driving Policy to ensure it works for all parties. This can be as simple as asking a small representative group for their feedback. Once you have finalised your policy, you can upload it to Ambit.

This is then automatically sent to all employees you have loaded onto the App by email for them to download, read and confirm that they have understood it. You are notified of employees who have not completed this so following up with them, if needed, is simple. In fact, Ambit will proactively do the chasing for you.

If you add a new employee they are automatically included so no extra work for you – they will received the policy to read and sign off against as part of having the feature activated.