The Best Ways to Check Your Tyre Pressure

Properly filled tyres offer many driving benefits.

No matter the season, tyre safety is imperative for safe driving. In addition to keeping you and your passengers protected, correct tyre pressure can also give you better mileage and a comfier ride. Here’s a concise guide from Goodyear on the best way to check the pressure of your tyres:

best way to check your tyre pressure

1. Use a pressure gauge. Either buy one of your own or use one at your local garage.

2. Do it when tyres are cool because tyres heat up as you drive and that can affect your reading. Try first thing in the morning.

3. Unscrew the valve cap and place the gauge over the valve. Don’t worry if you hear a bit of hissing – that’s normal.

4. Read the pressure on the gauge and compare it with your tyre’s recommended bar or psi.

5. Put more air in if you need to, either using your own air compressor or by going to your local garage.

6. Re-check your pressure with the gauge and check against the manufacturer’s specifications.

7. Replace the valve caps on each tyre.

8. Check each tyre. If your tyre pressure is dropping too much, ask your garage for help. It could be because of ill-fitting rims or a faulty valve.