Top 4 Winter Driving Tips

Are you ready?

As we make our way into November, we’re starting to feel the cold temperatures. While having the correct attire is a must, adjusting your driving should also be on your winter preparedness checklist.

Check out our Top 4 Winter Driving Tips to stay safe this season.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you even head out, check the local weather and road conditions. If they are poor and driving may be hazardous, you should make the journey only if absolutely necessary. If you do go out, make sure to let someone know where you are going so that they can check you have arrived safely.

2.Check Your Vehicle

You should check your vehicle regularly anyway but when making a trip in winter it is vital before every trip. Check your tyres, lights, fluids and fuel level as a minimum.

3. Take Your Time

It is likely to take you longer to get where you are going in winter driving conditions. Roads can be slippery and your vehicle is likely to drive differently as a result. To compensate, avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration and take corners slower than you would in good weather. Also, allow for extra time to de-ice your car and ensure windows are clear before you set off.

4. Be Prepared

If you must head out, make sure you have suitable additional items with you. Warm clothing, a sturdy pair of shoes, and waterproof coat are a good start. A blanket, some food and water, a shovel, ice scraper and torch would also be sensible to include.

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