Vehicle Safety Check

Generate simple surveys to ensure your employees are periodically health checking their vehicles

What you need to know

A company has a responsibility towards anyone who drives for work, be it employee or contractor, company car or private vehicle. If you ask someone to drive for work purposes then you have an obligation towards their safety.

  • Are the vehicles they’re driving fit to be on the road?
  • Do they have road-legal tyres?
  • Are their headlights and windscreens safe?

A vehicle MOT is only a check for a single point in time. A vehicle can pass its MOT and still be un-roadworthy just days or weeks later, even with the new MOT changes in place. By regularly checking their vehicle compliance , your employees, contractors, and volunteers can make sure that their vehicles are safe to drive and you can be alerted to any issues. A short survey is sent to your employees on a frequency you set to help give you peace of mind that when they are driving for your organisation their vehicle is fit to be on the road.

Did you know ?

It’s estimated that there are 10 million illegal tyres on UK roads. Tyres in this condition can increase stopping distances and can cause sudden blowouts.

This feature is easily activated within the app to help you and your driver maintain vehicle compliance and health. This improves their safety for driving at work, but also outside of work.

Remember, a vehicle safety check is only for a given point in time. Issues with headlights, windscreen wipers, tyres, and more can malfunction or require replacing at any time. That’s why it’s important to check key aspects of vehicles frequently.