Workplace Vehicle Policy

Ensure and confirm your employees understand your company’s driving for work policy and guidance

What you need to know

A driving for work policy is imperative if you have employees that drive for work. But, in order for it to be effective, your employees must understand it thoroughly. In fact, a risk assessment is a legal responsibility and lends itself to the structure of your policy. And, your company has a duty to communicate this to staff. Your policy can include information about what constitutes driving for work, best practices for safety on the road, and outline appropriate breaks during journeys.

Did you know ?

An employee’s vehicle they use to drive for work is considered an extension of the office. Therefore, a company may be held responsible if an employee driving for work is involved in a collision while using a mobile device for work purposes.

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Within the app, you’ll get notifications for employees who have not completed the task. With this information, following up is prompt and easy. In fact, Ambit can proactively chase your drivers for you

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